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Couples Workbook

*In order to gain maximum benefit, both participants are encouraged to have a workbook* 

This interactive workbook was created for couples who wish to have a little fun. My hope is that couples can get back to the basics of effective and honest communication. The goal is that you successfully complete this workbook by exploring key areas of your relationship; in doing so, you will birth growth, understanding, more love and respect for each other. I have come to realize that most people do not take the time to truly learn who others are, neither is time taken to absorb the small, meaningful things in relationships, as we are all so busy. While pausing and reflecting on how you met your spouse/partner, what brought you two together and what keeps you together will allow room for more understanding, compassion, and growth within your relationship.

It is important to be in alignment with your own feelings and judgement as they arise. By establishing honest and respectful communication with your spouse/partner, a healthier, resilient, and emotionally fulfilling relationship will follow. We all grow and change over time, along with likes and dislikes. Communicating the changes in a relationship and the changes recognized within your spouse/partner is vital. Be optimistic and choose to see the brighter side.

- Julie F. Zeno

Live to Win -Couples Workbook (Both participants should have a workbook)

Live to Win -Couples Workbook (Both participants should have a workbook)

Live to Win -Young Girl's Workbook

Live to Win -Young Girl's Workbook


Young Girl's Workbook

Living in a world where there is constant change and criticism for trying to do the right things can be a challenge for young girls. A  Young Girl's Guide to Surviving the Real World- from a Christian Perspective was created to assist in fostering honest communication around etiquette, hygiene, relationships, education, and accountability. Being able to discuss key areas of life with others can be a benefit and also an eye opener. The workbook is a tool which will allow you to gain others views as well as receive encouragement. We are expected to live a certain way. We are expected to treat others the way we wish to be treated. We are expected to be pleasing to our King in all that we do.  You are encouraged to complete this workbook with a friend or small group to foster communication and empowerment as it relates to hygiene, etiquette, dating, the importance of formal education and so many more important topics.

- Julie F. Zeno

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